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Hey Guys!

This post is going to super different than anything I have ever really focused on in my blog, but I am so excited about it. As many of you know, my boyfriend Kyle and I are moving into an apartment this Spring. I have been having so much fun designing how I want it to look in my head. It is really important to me to make sure that this apartment feels like a true home. Living in a different state than my family, it is often hard to feel like I am really “home”.

I used to be so much into the mirrored and glam furniture and lately it hasn’t been my style. I am gravitating so much more into Boho/glam decor. I want this apartment to be really light, open, and a ton of greenery. Of course, I will still have my fur accent pieces and some sparkle through-out , but definitely toned down a lot more. All of my inspiration is coming from of course Pinterest…so be sure to follow me there! Pinterest

I am planning on taking you guys with me on this entire journey. I am going to start Vlogging , every week to show how to achieve this decor, while still staying on budget. I hope you guys follow me along on this exciting new journey and I would love some tips and tricks along the way!


None of the photos below are mine.


Photo credit for the image above belongs to:

Interior Designer: Lori Paranjape
Photography: Andy Ryan Photographer




Hello August

I cannot believe it is the last month of Summer… Where has the time gone?? I feel like I was just getting ready for vacation and now it is almost over. My hopes for this month is to spend my time relaxing and working.

I desperately need some a new Fall wardrobe!! Which means I need to stop spending my money, and save up for a big shopping trip 😉 I cannot wait until Fall guys. I am SO ready for Pumpkins, Lattes, and Flannels.

This month is the last full month before classes begin again. I really want to focus my time on creating a ton of content for the blog, and maybe trying a haul of some new clothing. How would you guys like that? I feel like I am in need of some creative content on here.

That is my one goal for this month; NEW CONTENT!! I really love hearing your feedback and what you guys enjoy seeing on here, so please feel free to leave some comments and suggestions. Always remember to check my Instagram for daily posts @rebecca_dilorenzo.

I hope you all have an amazing end to your summer and enjoy some sunshine! XOXO


IMG_8212Okay guys so I have found my favorite subscription thus far. For the past month or so I’ve tried to eat healthy and exercise at least once a day. Ellie.com is a subscription site where they send you 5 new activewear items for only $49.95. There is absolutely no commitment and you can stop whenever you’d like! I received my June box and I couldn’t be happier. The workout gear is so cute and everything else in the box it’s very useable. This month I received leggings, sports bra, a tank top, fanny pack, and a hat to wear while working out. All of that for less than $50 a month….. YES PLEASE. I took a bunch of pictures for you guys to see the amazing stuff I got! You can follow them on Instagram @ellieactivewear! XOXO