Hi guys!! So I received a great skincare package from St. Ives and had to share with you what they sent. They recently came out with facial sprays that are just PERFECT for the Summer. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about a facial spray that was SO scented. I have very fair skin and some scents can irritate my face. I have been using these for weeks and they haven’t irritated my face at all.I spray the Lavender scent almost every night before bed and the orange scent in the morning to wake up my skin.

I have very dry skin and it usually gets better in the summer but with this rain and cold Spring we are having it is taking it’s sweet time to get nice and glowy. These sprays have definitely helped my skin and it’s a perfect addition to my daily skin routine. You guys can shop these sprays¬†here¬†and enjoy your fresh new skin – lavender is my favvvvvv!!

Let me know if you guys have tried them and what your thoughts are! You will love them I assure you.


1A05FCA5-D606-4A14-8E3D-BD4D169AABC3* I received these products gifted by St. Ives as part of the Preenme VIP program*