Hello August

I cannot believe it is the last month of Summer… Where has the time gone?? I feel like I was just getting ready for vacation and now it is almost over. My hopes for this month is to spend my time relaxing and working.

I desperately need some a new Fall wardrobe!! Which means I need to stop spending my money, and save up for a big shopping trip 😉 I cannot wait until Fall guys. I am SO ready for Pumpkins, Lattes, and Flannels.

This month is the last full month before classes begin again. I really want to focus my time on creating a ton of content for the blog, and maybe trying a haul of some new clothing. How would you guys like that? I feel like I am in need of some creative content on here.

That is my one goal for this month; NEW CONTENT!! I really love hearing your feedback and what you guys enjoy seeing on here, so please feel free to leave some comments and suggestions. Always remember to check my Instagram for daily posts @rebecca_dilorenzo.

I hope you all have an amazing end to your summer and enjoy some sunshine! XOXO

Summertime Blackness

I know you’re really not supposed to wear black in the summer… especially when it is 90 degrees out. BUT I just love this dress and it is so flattering I just had to share it with you all! This entire look… believe it or not… is from Forever 21. ( Minus the shoes ) I have been loving Forever 21 lately, or until my poor college ass can afford nicer clothes ;). Seriously guys they have upped their game and I am one happy fashion blogger because of it.

I think it’s so fun to add a hat in the summertime. It just adds so much to the look, especially when you’re having a bad hair day! AND when it’s about $7 .. I mean how can you go wrong.

Let me know if you guys enjoy the background of these pictures. I wanted to mix it up and try new places for my photos instead of the same things I have been doing.

Hope you all love the look! XOXO




Bright and Floral

This is my most recent Summer look. I wanted to show you guys how I love to put together affordable outfits, and then have that one staple designer piece. I absolutely love wearing bright colors in the summer. I just think they are so fun! Hope you all love the look XOXO




Tank Top – H&M


Jeans- Hollister


Shoes- Charlotte Russe


Handbag- Versace


Ready for Fall

IMG_9252IMG_9253IMG_9251IMG_9249IMG_9255Hi guys!! It’s been forever since I last came on here and shared an outfit. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen a lot more posts. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I am so ready for Fall and the fashion that comes along with it! I hope you all love this look as much as I do. XOXO

Jacket- Forever 21

White Jeans- Levis

Shoes- Tobi

Handbag- Burberry


Date Night

Hey everyone ! So I wanted to show you all an outfit I love to wear on a date night. Of course I switch up the shoes and accessories , but I can’t tell you how many times I have worn this jumpsuit…. oops. It is so comfy and easy to accessorize! Date nights are so fun, especially when I get to dress up! I hope you all love this look!! Xoxoxo

Jumpsuit is from H&M

Shoes are Steve Madden

Handbag is Forever21