I can’t believe it is January already.. I feel like the Holidays just flew by. I hope you all had a blessed and fun Holiday season. When a new year begins I always reflect on the past, and how I can make myself better and achieve my goals. There are definitely a lot of things I want to accomplish but I thought I would narrow it down to 3 and not bore you guys 😉

I hope my goals can inspire some of you, and I will definitely update you guys through-out the year and see how I am doing!

  1. Get healthy. This has been a goal of mine for years and my love of food has always kept me from really achieving the best body I can. Now, I know it is not all about having the best body to be healthy, but I personally want to become stronger physically and mentally. Luckily for me, my new job has pilates every Wednesday, but I know that will not be enough. I have joined a gym, started eating healthier ( for the most part) and I just bought super greens to begin my day with. My hope for this year is to focus on being the best version of myself that I can. And becoming the healthiest I have ever been will be the best part of it.


2.  Pursue my biggest dream. So as many of you know my biggest dream is become  successful on YouTube and social media. It has been so exciting to hit 10k followers on Instagram but I want to really focus on my YouTube in 2019. I have so many exciting things happening this year that I know I want to document. First apartment, new car, vacations, family additions, etc. My goal this year for YouTube is to monetize my channel and create so much new content for my followers on all social platforms.


3.  Succeed at my new job. Last month I started my first big girl PR job. It has been nothing short of a dream experience. I have such amazing co-workers, an amazing boss, and I have already learned so much. My plan in 2019 is to succeed at this new job. I want to go above and beyond and perform better than any new employee has 😉 It is going to be such an amazing journey that I can’t wait to continue on.


I hope you guys have such an amazing new year filled with love, goals, and happiness. I am definitely going to make it a priority to blog more and talk with you guys on here.



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