Hi everyone! I wanted to write a post about motivation. As the weather gets warmer it is easier to get outside and start exercising, so why does it feel so hard? As someone who has never been naturally “thin” by society’s terms, it seemed so hard to shed those pounds. It wasn’t until recently that I started to really think about my health and make some changes. I know that this time of the year it is important to some people to try and look their best for bikini season. So.. here are some of my tips that have helped me.

  1. First, I started following some fitness accounts on Instagram and YouTube. I knew that if I started seeing healthy, strong, and beautiful women on my phone, it was push me to work harder.
  2. PODCASTS… I cannot say this enough. Taking a walk everyday for more than an hour seems daunting, but when you have a podcast to listen to it makes the time fly by. It’s even better when the podcast is about health and fitness. One of my favorites is called The Health Code. It is a fun and creative podcast about living an all around healthy life.
  3. Buy cute workout clothes.. For me personally when I spend the time to buy nice workout clothes and shoes, it makes me want to actually wear them and workout. This may sound like a silly step to some, but I SWEAR it works for me.
  4. Another tip that has helped me lately is to make sure I do 100 sit-ups and pushups every night before bed. You WILL start to notice things tighten and tone up.
  5. My last and final tip is to LOVE yourself. It wasn’t until I started to love my body and love myself for who I was, that I started caring about my overall health. Every single woman is beautiful in their own way, and the sooner you realize your beauty the sooner your life with be healthy.



I really hope you guys enjoyed some of my health tips and I would love to hear from you guys about what has and hasn’t worked in your health journey.

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