Bedroom Redesign

I’m sure many of you are as obsessed with Pinterest as I am, well at least I hope you are. When it came to redesigning my bedroom, I knew I had to look to Pinterest for inspiration. I am having the hardest time figuring out which color scheme to go with. I’ve loved the whole grey and mirrored themed rooms for so long, but part of me wants to go out of my comfort zone. I put together 2 different layouts from pictures I found on Pinterest, and I’ve been studying them for days now trying to decide. Something about blush pink and gold accents stick out to me lately. I can’t decide this on my own so I need all of your help on deciding. PLEASE comment below which theme you prefer and give me some of your ideas. I would love to see what you all love in room designing. I want the design of my room to be mature but still be chic. I’m hoping to not have too many years left at home after I graduate in December, but hey ya never know 😉


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