Hello March !


Happy March everyone! This month is going to be such an exciting month for me. I wanted to make a post about my goals and hopes for this month. I’m thinking about making this a monthly thing, let me know what you guys think!!

My top goal is to get the internship I’m interviewing for this month. The internship is in NYC and it would be a dream come true for me. I don’t want to give too much away and jinx it, but it’s definitely my biggest goal of the month.

Another goal I want is to continue with my fitness goals. I am so proud of myself that I worked out every week day in the month of February. I want to start running outside and burn a ton of calories.

The last goal I have for this month is to gain another thousand or so followers on my Instagram , and my blog. I just want to continue to grow my brand , and provide you guys with awesome content!!

xoxo love you guys

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