Lash Boost

Hey everyone! I wanted to tell you about a product I have been loving lately. It’s the Rodan + Fields Enhancements Lash Boost. As you guys know a few months back I had tried the process of getting eyelash extensions. They were AMAZING and so convenient, but I have a bad habit that ruined the experience for me. I have a horrible habit of picking my eyelashes, especially when there is mascara on them. Long story short, I pick off all of my eyelash extensions, and my real lashes ripped out with them. I had NO EYELASHES on my eyes, it was tragic. Thankfully I was given this product to try out and I can not be more thankful. My eyelashes have grown back tremendously and I am so thankful. They have a long way to go until they are back to their normal length and width but they are definitely on the right track thanks to lash boost. You can purchase this item by going to Rodan + Fields. My friend Rosemary Gigante is a Rodan + Fields Independent consultant. Rosemary will help you not only get this item, but other premium skin care items as well. You can find her facebook page here: Rosemary Gigante Fb  and message her regarding an item you want to purchase. If you aren’t familiar with the company they were founded by the same people as Proactive Acne Care.When using the Lash Boost you will put the product on your eyelid/ lash line every night before you go to sleep. You will start seeing results in about 3 to 4 weeks! This product is a 60 day supply, so you are getting a lot of product for your money!! I hope you guys will try this item. Please let me know if you have before, and what you think about it. I inserted photos below of the product, my eyelashes before mascara, and with mascara. I hope you guys enjoy!XOXO


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