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Hey everyone! I wanted to do a quick travel post because like I mentioned in my last blog post, one of my goals this year is to travel more. Every time I know I am going to be on a plane, I plan my carry-on items ahead of time. I always make sure that I bring a purse that is large enough to contain these items, as well as food I may bring on after I go through security. Majority of the time the items stay the same from flight to flight. I hope you all like this post and please comment below if you have any other travel bag tips! XOXO




Wallet- One of the most important items for me to have is my wallet. It holds my License, credit cards, and any cash I may have.

Passport- If I am traveling internationally I always put my passport in my carry-on bag so that I always know where it is, and it can be easily retrieved if I may need it.

Laptop/Iphone- I keep my laptop and my phone in my carry-on so I can watch movies that I have downloaded on there, or listen to music.

Headphones- I always have to have some sort of headphones with me on a plane to cancel out the noises. I find that BEATS by Dre are the best to cancel out the noise from people and from the plane itself.

Cosmetics- I carry some of my makeup in my carry-on to touch up my makeup, especially if it is a longer flight.

Lotion- I find that my skin can get really dry on planes so I always have to carry a small lotion in there, as long as it is small enough to meet TSA guidelines.

Toothbrush- I like to pack my toothbrush in my carry-on along with toothpaste to brush my teeth in the plane bathroom or in the bathroom when I land so I always have fresh breath!

Sunglasses- I like to keep my sunglasses in my carry-on so that they don’t get damaged in my suitcase. I also like to have them incase it is sunny when I land so I don’t have to search my suitcase for them.


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