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Hi guys, I hope you all had a great holiday weekend. I was lucky enough to have Tyme send me one of their Irons to try out and review. I am in LOVE. The curling iron may seem intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is completely worth it. The iron gave me the prettiest curls. I personally love big and loose curls, but you can achieve any type of curl with this iron. I wanted to share with you all some tips and tricks that will help you get adjusted to the Tyme Iron.

First: Plug the iron in and hit the round button to turn it on. Once the button stops flashing Blue it is all heated up. The iron goes to 400 degrees, so be careful when touching the iron!

Second: To correctly hold the iron, place your thumb behind the blue button and face the “Tyme” logo towards the mirror. The iron had brown guidelines on one side, and that is the side you want closest to your scalp.

Third: Take the iron and clamp down the hair. MAKE SURE TO USE A SMALL AMOUNT OF PRESSURE! The iron is very hot, and squeezing the hair inside too hard can eventually cause breakage and damage. After clamping the hair rotate the iron towards the back of you and pull the iron forward. The more of an angle you place the iron in, the tighter the curl. Once you get the hang of the kind of curl you like, it will become second nature.

Tip: The company has stylists that will skype you and teach you one on one how to use the iron. This is exactly what I did to learn how to use the iron and it was so helpful. Once you purchase your iron, email customer service that you would like to set up a tutorial and they will get someone to do that for you.

*The iron can also be used to straighten your hair!!

This iron honestly has given me really pretty and effortless curls. Today only until 11:59pm the website is offering 15% off your iron, making it $159.


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