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Hi everyone I’ve missed you all so much. I’m here to tell you all about a skin care product I’ve become obsessed with. A few weeks ago Navan Skin Care sent me a bottle of their product to try out and review. The package came at a perfect time because my skin was not behaving. I started to break out all on my chin, forehead, and cheeks. I starting taking this supplement about 2 weeks ago and I already see an amazing difference.  The product is “Trueclear Skin Clarifying Supplement.” It is a supplement to clear away any acne you may have. The pill is made of all natural ingredients and is FDA approved. Take the pill 3 times a day with a big glass of water. The pills are large and without drinking the proper amount of water, it may hurt your throat. The bottle comes with 90 capsules, therefore if you take 3 a day it is a month’s worth of products.One bottle of the product is for sale on their website for $34.95, but with my discount, you can get 10% off for a limited amount of time! Use the code Dilorenzo10 at checkout and enjoy money off your entire purchase. I hope you guys try out the product and let me know what you think! Head to to get yours today! XOXO

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