Bad To The Bone

Hey everyone, I hope you’re having a great weekend! I finally created my first ever Halloween look!! It was honestly so much fun and a lot easier than I had thought. Once you get inspired it’s super fun to just let your makeup brush do the thinking. For my look, I decided to try a skeleton look. I had searched a bunch of pictures on Pinterest used a mixture of those to create my own take on it. It’s actually really nerve-racking doing a look like this because I know I can’t compete with professionals. I don’t have fancy lighting or cameras but it doesn’t discourage me, and I hope you all get inspired too. I’m going to list the steps I used below and if you follow me on Instagram you saw I posted a sneak peek video earlier. I hope you all love this look and feel encouraged to try something new like I did tonight 🙂 Love you all XOXO

Instagram: Rebecca_dilorenzo

Face- For my face Instead of using white paint I used a foundation that was a few shades lighter than normal to give it that same pale effect.

Black Shading- For this part, I outlined the cheeks with a liquid liner and smudged it in. After that, I used a dark black/blue shade and smudged the cheeks to hollow them out.I did the same with on the temples of my forehead to hollow out the top of my head.

Eyeshadow- I mixed a lot of colors for my eyeshadow. In some lighting it looked blue and in others it had a purple tint to it. I wanted to smoke them out and go high with the dark shadow like I would if I were using black paint.

Nose- For the nose I used my liquid eyeliner and then smudged it with a Morphe eye brush.

Eyebrows- I used my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in “Taupe”

Lips- I covered my lips in concealer to whiten them out. Then I created the Skeleton mouth with my liquid liner.

Crackles and Stitches- I wanted to add some more cool things to my look so I decided to give my face ” stitches ” and cracks through my skin to look “dead”.

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