Journey To Healthy

Hey guys, so I’m never one to really post anything like this but I figured today I would. I am usually the type to just post selfies or life event photos on social media. I have never posted a body picture, bikini picture etc. I would always look up to those crazy-fit health nuts on Instagram ( Tammy Hembrow) and would hope one day to be like one of them. These past 2 months I have been REALLY focusing on my body and becoming healthy. To me this time wasn’t about some fad quick diet I could do to lose a lot of weight unrealistically. I decided to point my food through weight watchers and follow that program, yes I have cheated and will continue to cheat…..I eat like a man. I exercise and lift weights almost every morning (again I do miss days when i’m too lazy to move)  I continued to weigh myself every Sunday and keep my weight loss to a healthy, steady drop. I am so proud of myself to say that I am officially down 10lbs. This is the first time in a LONG time that my weight has been in the 130’s. I started this journey at 145 and now I am happily at 135. BELIEVE me I am no where near perfect and I still have a LONG way to go. My goal would be between 120-125. Another product that has helped extremely on this journey is my H2Yerba. I have done a previous post on them incase you guys missed it be sure to check it out! This water has helped me in receiving the vitamins and mineral I really need. I drink it 2 or 3 times a day and it really helps my bloating. Idk about any of you but I bloat like nobody’s business… I eat dinner and look about 5 months pregnant haha it’s just how my body works. I have noticed ever since drinking my H2Yerba my weight loss has increased more each week. Another awesome thing is that while you’re getting the vitamins and minerals you need, you’re also getting the amount of water your body needs as well. Use the code Rebecca15 and enjoy some money off your purchase!! I hope you guys enjoyed me putting myself out there like this. Please comment if you have anymore weight loss tips. Love You guys XOXOXO

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