My New Night Time Obsession

I have recently started using Biore strips and have fallen in love with them. I often have large pores on my nose and under my lips on my chin. I was always scared to try these strips because i’ve heard they really hurt. They do NOT hurt as bad as people make them seem, and they help your skin sooooo much. The most annoying problem I had was the way my pores used to soak up my makeup , now I don’t have that problem nearly as much. Make sure you dampen the area you would like to stick the strips to, don’t make them too wet or they won’t work. When you start feeling the strips pulling on your skin that’s when you know it is time to pull them off. A box of Biore strips usually runs $7-10 and you can find them in any drug store and even some grocery stores. Let me know below if you use this product and how you feel about it! Goodnight Loves xoxo

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