DIY Bath Series Night. 1

Hey everyone, so I wanted to do something different on my blog for the next few days. I often get burnt in the summer and then a week or two later I begin to peel. I HATE having dry skin and I LOVE taking baths. So, I figured I would do some research and tryout a few home remedies for moisturizing baths. I am going to do this for a few nights and then give my opinion on which worked the best for me. Night one I chose to do the Jell-O bath. I used a lemon flavored box of powdered Jell-O and poured it right into my bath. The water turned a yellowish/ green color and smelt AMAZING!. As soon as I sat in I could feel my skin smoothing out and moisturizing. No joke, by the end of the bath my dead skin was floating at the top of the water. I sat in the bath for about 30 minutes and let the Jell-O soak into my skin. So far, I would recommend doing this bath to anyone who asked. My skin feels really moisturized and dead skin free. Tomorrow night I will chose another DIY bath and tell you guys which of the two I preferred. If any of you have home remedies you love please share them below !! xoxo




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