2016 Grammys Fashion

Last night the 58th Annual Grammy Awards took place and of course I was watching with a bowl of popcorn in hand. My favorite thing to watch during the award season has to be the amazing fashion we see walk the red carpet. Last night I was amazed at some of these looks I just had to share with you guys my top five. All five of these looks just scream elegance to me. I started my pick with Ellie Goulding’s amazing pink pastel gown. She stunned the red carpet with a color we do not often see at these shows. The dress is so simple and yet so stunning , especially with the added jewelry to her look. The heavy side part to her hair and the messy curliness adds a sexy side to the look. Now I don’t know about all of you BUT Chrissy Teigen is by far one of my favorite women in Hollywood. She entered that red carpet with her hubby John Legend and the two stole the show ( as per usual). Her gown is so elegant and emphasizes her gorgeous baby bump so well. Carrie Underwood had a look last night that wasn’t like anything we have ever seen on her. She has the most amazing legs and it is rare she shows them off on the red carpet so I was pleasantly surprised to see them walk down the red carpet. Then there’s Adele…. oh Adele where do I begin with her. She just steals every show she is apart of with not only her voice but her looks. She is always so graceful and I love how relaxed her hair and makeup was with this look. The last look I loved on the red carpet last night was Selena Gomez’s gorgeous sparkly gown. I love how this gown is very pretty but also very playful. I absolutely love that she chose a sparkly gown while also being sexy. That navy blue color is very flattering on her and the long curly hair just compliments the look so well. Award season is one of my favorite seasons, especially when I see red carpet looks like these gorgeous five women. XOXO

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