Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

Photo on 2-15-16 at 6.40 PM

Okay guys and gals, so I was finally able to get my hands on one of Kylie’s lip kits before they all sold out….AGAIN. I have to say I have been so pleasantly surprised with the formula and the application. The lip liner is so smooth and easy to apply to get nice straight lines, especially when over lining your lips. The lip stick goes on as a lip gloss and dries as a beautifully matte lipstick. Every color in the lip kit has a delicious vanilla scent as you apply it. The lip kit retails for $29 each that includes the lip liner and lipstick. I ordered mine in Candy K and it is a perfect dark nude shade.

6 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

    1. @Charmedchristy Same!! I’ve had my eyes on them for awhile now, and I only noticed she put them back online when I saw on her app she launched her website! Keep an eye on I think she is restocking again soon!

  1. These go ridiculously sold out in less than 4 minutes! (they say it is at 4, but I don’t believe them lol). It looks super natural on you, how many coats of this one do you apply?

    1. @minimanimom It is so crazy how fast they sell out! I have only one coat on in this picture but I have found it wears off fairly quickly so I always make sure I bring it with me in my purse to touch it up! 🙂

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